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CES 2020 Trends: What You Need to Know.

If you have been to CES, you know how crazy it can be navigating through 170,000 people to uncover the hidden gems. But, they are there, and the show continues to expand now including Tourism/Travel and Advertising.

Partnerships are no longer a nice to have. Traditional and nontraditional alliances are being formed to win. They continue to excel where it is sometimes confusing who is the leading brand. We heard people saying that Amazon was now designing a car when in reality they were showing the Amazon capabilities in the #Rivian truck.

Experience Rules and keeps evolving. UX (#UserExperience), then CX (#CustomerExperience) is now HX (#HumanExperience). How about our pets - PX? Insect Experience - IX?

On-demand: Solving for the 'last mile.' One of the widespread challenges is how to create the end-to-end human experience. We saw a lot of ways companies are trying to solve this from delivery bots to lockers to autonomous vehicles and package delivery drones. #lastmile

Have you heard of ______??? Most of the Innovation awards are from companies you may never have heard of before. Nice to see we are designing with empathy - making life better for those with disabilities or diseases. Check them out.

• Let's get back to MVP (Minimal Viable Product) Do I really need Alexa in everything? my toilet, my mirror? She already listens to everything else!

Are you making a product that may go away in a few years? One example is the move to electric vehicles whereby companies are being forced to innovate and move into new markets.

Unreal is really Real. Augmented reality is allowing live updates to virtual people that look totally real. Check out NEON. Robots look more and more like real people. Will people become to look more like robots with 3D printed skin and new, easier ways to get rid of our wrinkles and fat?

Surprises of the Show

- Toyota's Woven City. Toyota and Big Designs are turning their old factories into a futuristic, smart R&D playground. Calling all innovators!

- The Sony Vision S Car: Go big or go home. Who would have thought #Sony would build a running, electric car to showcase their capabilities. And it looked good too!

- Kudos to Mercedes for their futuristic concept car designed with Avatar portraying a more sustainable world.

- Faurecia executes the application of technology into flawlessly designed wellness, personalized and safety experiences.


- Emergence of geometric patterns to bring design and structural strength

- Minimalistic: Box like structures devoid of emotion

- Many companies using cartoon approaches, toys etc to communicate their message


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