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Intersection's Education Collaboratory 

Congratulations to our newest HCD Masters

Congrats to the 'Masters' who completed the Essentials Pathway. The 27 students instructed by Sr. Lecturer, Dr. David Sutherland, at University of Georgia have completed a full semester of Human-Centered Design Innovation. in their Critical Design Thinking course.

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Essential Pathways Training

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2023 Master Badge-01.png

As design practitioners, we teach what we practice - Human-Centered Design Thinking (HCDT). HCDT is more than a trend as corporations, government agencies and nonprofits adopt its' practices as they see the benefits:

Mitigates risk

• Creates differentiation

• Improves innovation outcomes

• Solves business challenges

• Shortens the adoption curve

• Increases brand value

Learn the Fundamentals

Accelerator Training

What just an overview on design thinking? Try our 1 Day Awareness Workshop

and earn an Awareness Badge 

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2 Day Ambassador Training provides a solid foundation with over 15 methods.


The Design Academy, Intersection's educational and research collaboratory, hosts hands-on, interactive workshops to introduce a framework for practicing the discipline of Human Centered Design Thinking.

Human-Centered Design Thinking

Business Playbook 101

Tried design thinking and it didn’t stick, or you have come to understand the benefits, but aren’t sure how to launch HCD in your own corporate structure.

What is Human-Centered Design Thinking?

How can it get started in my organization?

How do I scale?

How can I ensure it is successful?


The HCDT Business Playbook answers those questions and more, so you can put your organization on a path to long-term success.

Human-Centered Design Training - Badging Certification

This one-day workshop introduces participants to the discipline of Human-Centred Design / Design Thinking.

Led by practicing industry professionals, participants identify a challenge topic, ideate solutions, develop a prototype and user-test a final design. This is a fun, interactive way to expose any individual or organization to creative-problem-solving techniques.

Who Should Attend the Awareness Workshop?

Those who wish to accelerate innovation within their organization, solve business challenges creatively, are interested in Human-Centered Design (Design Thinking), or who want to improve their skills in these areas, including: 


  • Product managers, designers, researchers, user experience professionals, marketers, consultants, engineers, and learning professionals interested in Human-Centred Design.

  • Business, non-profit, government, and academic leaders involved in embedding design thinking and innovation into their organziations.


How is the course different?

Practical and hands-on with a focus on learning-by-doing, using several different practice exercises that 
combine individual work with small group collaboration.

Taught by experienced practitioners (not professional facilitators who teach the material but have never practiced it themselves) working in product, service and experience design.

Flexible framework and methods relevant to different industries and design challenges, including digital products, physical products, services, processes and policies, and applicable across the entire product/service development 
lifestyle (front end and back end).

For more information

We invite you to visit the The Design Academy, Inc. website for the full list of workshops. 

For inquiries or registrations, please contact or 858 490 0063.

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