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Material companies use our services to be future ready - visioning where an industry is going and how they can adapt their current technologies. We help translate IP into new markets and connect them to customers downstream by developing value propositions for designers, sales tools and product prototypes.  

Product manufacturers tap into our material knowledge and industry network to develop innovative design applications with the latest materials.


Eastman Sales Kit Validating with Protoy


Physical demonstrator to validate or use in customer engagements


Developing Key Brand Message to Delivering Product Concepts.

THRIVE composites can add value while reducing production costs by replacing other reinforcing fiber-based composites in automotive parts; office furniture; household goods/kitchenware; small & large appliances; industrial and consumer personal goods.


Intersection held a ideation session with the key Weyerhaeuser people to explore the key benefits of THRIVE and identify market & product possibilities with greatest potential.  Intersection then developed key messages for stories to be used to inspire the different identified key audiences.  Working together with Weyerhaeuser, the team developed an opportunity map to guide go-to-market strategy by identifying opportunities with highest market value. The final deliverable of the project was developing concepts for THRIVE samples that both inform and inspire target audiences while visually reinforcing its story.


PolyOne is a global leader offering a comprehensive array of specialized polymer materials, tailored services and end-to-end solutions.


PolyOne strongly believes that collaboration between design, materials and manufacturing functions is essential to create breakthrough products that succeed in the marketplace.


Intersection / The Design Academy was asked by PolyOne to use our extensive network, material science expertise and design thinking to help them connect to industrial designer students through "real world application" with the goals of educating designers on their material use and application potential to increase the bottom line and provide an innovative marketing and PR approach.


Intersection / The Design Academy assisted PolyOne in organizing and participating in a sponsored project with a top design school. From the preparation to the final review, we collaborated with the school and an injection molder to bring the knowledge of plastics molding and tooling along with the constraints and rapid prototyping techniques to help the design students better understand a functional prototype. A second benefit was to teach them how to work with a manufacturing partner.

Material Application, Validation and Visualization


Working with textile, materials and chemical corporations to develop IP, connect to customers & be future ready

Material Services.jpg

Identifying Paths to innovation and Strategies in Mobility

Intersection worked with a chemical company to identify potential opportunities

in a very dynamic and changing industry sector.

Mobility in Materials.jpg

The mobility landscape offers numerous opportunities through the expansion into existing and new mobility segments.


The automotive segment remains the largest and most sustainable opportunity, partly due to the shear size of the segment (globally).  The modes that move goods around the world, particularly commercial trucking and shipping and modes for moving people represent significant opportunities.


The rapidly evolving world of chemical, energy and transportation legislation along with continuous changes in materials science provide fertile ground and ample opportunities to solve significant problems and increase the downstream footprint. 

INDA Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry

Connecting Suppliers of Nonwovens through Innovative Methodologies.

The largest percent of nonwovens are used in diapers---YES diapers… but they play a very important role in the automotive industry. The Design Academy is helping INDA explore the innovative opportunities and connections of nonwoven materials to the automotive industry.


Chuck Pelly gave a speech at the RISE Conference in Baltimore, September 22nd, 2010 “Re-thinking Nonwovens.”

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