We intersect creativity, play and intuition,

with the important context of rigor and process

We Listen and then Connect the Dots.


  +  You know your business better than anyone.



  +  They know their business better than anyone.



  +  They pay for the experience.

We Intersect.

We create program specific connections, going beyond traditional expectations.

Our Methodology

​We tap our Power of Collective Thought™ methodology, a global multi-disciplined network developed for over 45 years to address today’s complex, multi-dimensional design issues. 

Creating spontaneous and planned INTERSECTIONS increases our chances for breakthrough solutions. Fueled by a rich array of perspectives gained from engaging with multi-disciplinary professionals and institutions.

We connect world class creative expertise to world class business expertise, thus creating a dynamic interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, knowledge and innovation imperative to the success and advancement of our clients, ourselves and the profession of design. 

Our core team and associates are practicing professionals having a powerful influence collectively in the world of design, science and technology.

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