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UI / UX Design & Digital Transformation

User Interface | User Experience l Visioning

Strengthening your brand through an exceptional user experience

and the unification of hardware and software

Digital Transformation and Design System Development

Baker Hughes Bently Nevada Enterprise UX

Intersection designed Bently Nevada’s latest iteration of System 1 as a major transition away from a Native desktop Windows Application to a comprehensive Web Application. As part of that effort, we helped to expand the role that System 1 plays within their industrial partner’s technology strategy. System 1 Enterprise will now look across the assets of an entire Enterprise (or Fleet) where the previous version focused only on plant-wide assets. This meant that we needed to really look closely at what System 1 did well (and what customers really liked) to assess how it would scale to the Enterprise level. 

System 1 Enterprise now has the ability to visualize the entire fleet of assets on a map. This provides a quick reference for various user groups to understand the health and priority of assets globally. Drilling down further, HMI views represented by entire plants, areas, machines, trains, etc., are a visual way to identify asset status at a glance. These views use colors and priority KPIs to quickly indicate plants or assets with the highest risk and priority.

We might also want to reference that the designs are based on the Baker Hughes Design System, yet highly customized for the unique needs of BN.

BN Enterprise Design 3.png

Baker Hughes Bently Nevada


Enterprise UX


Design System

Baker Hughes Logo.png

360 UX - Hardware and Software Integrated  + Brand Language Lexicon

Measurement & Control

Intersection designed a full 360 user experience across all customer touchpoints aligning 6 Measurement and Control businesses.

• Won an award for Transforming Brand User 

   Experience from GE Corporate

• Worked across disciplines of engineering,

   product management, sales, marketing, brand,


• Integrated hardware and software for a

   consistent look and feel

• Designed and conducted training to integrate

   and scale the initiative

Lexicon Book Cover.jpg
User Experience

Created a visual brand physical and digital

language lexicon for quality and efficiencies

At Baker Hughes, a GE company, they understand how cutting edge calibration management software can bring real value to their clients’ operations. The innovative feature lies in the human-centered approach of the user interface.


Druck 4Sight2 STD is the easy to use, cost effective and scalable solution for calibration and asset management. It provides a new way to optimize the calibration scheduling and increase asset efficiencies in the oil and energy industries. By managing the calibration history through a paperless and more intuitive process, 4Sight2 ensures plants remain compliant and audit ready.


Equally effective for single use or global multi-site operations, this software was designed in-house to empower organizations to operate simply and securely, connecting people to instruments, data, and enhanced analytics.


Our role was to bring a human-centered designed ‘delightful’ user experience to the User interface interface of 4Sight2 so that its technical features can be intuitively used by GE’s customers at their full potential. A great interface can increase product adoption and mitigate risk turning into real business value for our client.

GE Healthcare

Carescape R860 


Why Human-Centered Design Matters 

GE Healthcare with Intersection-Inc, designed Carescape R860, a new patient ventilator that utilizes a full-touch human centered user interface to provide doctors, respiratory therapists and nursing staff with a clearer window into their patients. This patented UI allows for quick access to detailed historical data (past), current patient status (present) and clinical decision support (future.)

Project Highlights


  • Documented reduction of patient average length of stay in its intensive care unit by 28 percent* 

  • Received 5 patents and sharing across other GE divisions

  • Multi-disciplinary team building 

  • Brand design language based on GE DNA values

  • Aesthetic and functional interface (day & night screens etc)

  • Designed for 3 different user requirements: Doctors, Nurses and Respiratory Therapists.


* Visit Cincinnati Business Journal for a complete story highlighting the success of the Carescape R860 launched at Cincinnati's Jewish Hospital and the positive impact on ROI.  click here

GE Druck

DPI - 620 Genii

Bently Nevada Dashboard & Design System.
Posiba GIVN APP UI:UX.jpg

Baker Hughes | A GE Company

Druck 4Sight2 STD


User Interface / User Experience Design


The new Druck DPI 620 Genii brings you state-of-the-art calibration, communication and data integration using a smart interface with swipe and touch commands for fast, intuitive and intelligent workflow on the move.


Copy credit: GE



CES Cockpit Animation UI Build


Intersection created a unique opening animation for the CES Show Vehicle. Animation needed to be synched across 3 separate displays (1 in the center console and 2 in the instrument cluster.)


 The goal of the animation was to tell the story of branding the experience (Delphi) in a loop and then build the core UI components. The animation also uniquely begins in a 3D environment, then transitions or builds

the 2D UI.  Intersection needed to fully understand the various multi-modal input options (e.g., touch, voice,

gaze, thumb controls, etc.) to provide sound ideas that supported the direct actions taken by the user.



M&C Scout200 "S1Collector" App



































The Scout200 S1 Collector App runs on an industrial smartphone handheld device. You can collect vibration data, take pictures, send text messages, check your email, make phone calls and run other apps all on a single device.  The S1 Collector app exchanges data with System 1 Evolution via Wi-Fi or a cellular network. You can set up your routes in System 1 Evolution and sync up the data with the app using remote communication servers.


  • HTML5 / CSS3 Web Application to allow for use on any iOS & Android mobile device.

  • Completely redesigned UX for touch handheld.

  • Ties directly into GE’s larger Internet of Things Fleet Management Platform.

  • Dramatically reduces the time it takes users to perform measurements.

  • Light & Dark UI themes for use indoors and out.


Copy Credit: GE    mage Credit: GE


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