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Speaking Engagements


Inspiring Design Lectures | Educational Speeches | Roundtables | Company Specific Addresses | Salons


Our informative series of lectures continue to educate, inspire and offer insight into future trends.  

Visionaries and thought leaders

Joan Gregor and Chuck Pelly

have inspired and educated audiences

at conferences, corporations and universities worldwide.

Topic Examples:

  • Leveraging the Value of Design

  • The Future of Automotive

  • Design Metrics

  • The Power of Branding

  • Re-Inventing the Pharmacy Experience

  • The Future of the Drive Thru

  • Creating Breakthroughs Utilizing Human Centered Design for Commercialization & Innovation

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“Uplifting and enthusiastic, Chuck’s esteemed speeches are valued and sought  after for their high-level design and time-honored wisdom blended with a perfect balance of fun and new stimulating ideas or thought.”

Chuck Pelly's Automotive Industry Speech Series

Chuck is currently presenting a series of automotive industry lectures with overwhelming response from design-orientated audiences.




  The Future of Automotive Interiors

  BioInspiration Applied

  Brand Next - Guidelines to a Powerful Brand

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Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores

Annual Executive Exchange Conference

Re-inventing the Pharmacy Experience With Heart

Chuck Pelly presents at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and GE 

"Why Design Now" Solving Global Challenges

“The role of design is increasingly recognized as a way to accelerate innovative, efficient and scalable solutions to real-world problems,” said Beth Comstock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of GE. “We are delighted to partner with Cooper-Hewitt to help elevate and champion the importance of design thinking.”

INDA Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry

Connecting Suppliers of Nonwovens through Innovative Methodologies.

The largest percent of nonwovens are used in diapers---YES diapers… but they play a very important role in the automotive industry. The Design Academy is helping INDA explore the innovative opportunities and connections of nonwoven materials to the automotive industry.


Chuck Pelly gave a speech at the RISE Conference in Baltimore, September 22nd, 2010 “Re-thinking Nonwovens.”

Lecture / Mentoring Services

We are very excited to announce our lecturing/mentoring services within the Healthcare field - Now offering thirteen new lecture topics.

Spark Interiors / Opal Summits

Intersection's Be Humiin Presentation spurs new inspiration to Architects and Designers at SpArk 2104.


"Chuck was phenomenal! We very much enjoyed his presentation and his participation in the program."


-Michelle Cardinal, Opal Summits

Chuck Pelly was the keynote speaker at Opal Group SpArc Interiors 2014 where he shared the Be Humiin design philosophy created by Intersection-Inc. 


The event was a huge success and Chuck enjoyed meeting and sharing his passion and insights for the human-centric design approach with fellow top designers and architects.  The Humiin design philoposhy is a revolutionary, thought provoking presentation that can be embraced by all aspects and industries in design, marketing and product development.

Photos taken by Opal Group SpArc Interiors 

AMA Marketing Workshops

Translating Brand Values into a 360° User Experience: The ROI of creating an emotional connection with a Visual Brand Language.


Workshop Topic


Translating Brand Values into a 360° User Experience: The ROI of creating an emotional connection with a Visual Brand Language.


A brand is more than the DNA, Philosophy and Values that created it. It is also the engagement and emotional attachment that it generates. But with an increasingly plugged-in, experience-driven and distracted culture, it is more difficult for products to hold the attention of its users. In addition, as companies are bought, sold, and merged, inconsistencies can develop and the story of a brand can become diluted. A comprehensive, principle-based Visual Brand Language will help a brand maintain user attachments and provide continuity throughout the life cycle of the product.


A 360° User Experience is using a Visual Brand Design Language to create a multi-sensory experience across all touch points. It is about aesthetics, ergonomics, form, color, materials, usability and also about human needs. It is about empathy, and an emotional connection to a brand. Driven by a need for consistency, the branding process begins with a vision for an exceptional user experience.  


Using design thinking tools in this interactive workshop you will embark on a journey and explore how brand values translate into a visual brand design language leading to differentiation, loyalty and economic health.


Examining reinvention and change management to help the new neighbourhood pharmacy. Look at examples of reinvention successes and failures – what can but learned to help neighbourhood pharmacy to succeed.


Joan Gregor, Founder and CEO, Intersection-Inc.

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