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We help you maximize your creative assets delivering real long-term value for sustainable growth in new product design and development.

ELLA by Innovative Office Products

A Patented and Aesthetically Adaptable Ergonomic Monitor Arm


From Human-Centered Design Thinking to Product Development

We were very proud to attend the launch of Innovative’s newest product at the 50th NeoCon edition this year: Ella, the next-generation monitor arm, continues Innovative’s commitment to making ergonomics beautiful.


Offering effortless movement and sure-footed stability for monitors up to an astonishing 43″ screen size, Ella installs entirely from above the desk surface and requires very few adjustments during setup, greatly reducing installation time. The all-new Ella monitor arm features a striking design and unparalleled performance, with optional customizable inserts to create a look that fits any workspace.


It is a pleasure to be working with the Innovative design and engineering team, creating patentable, innovative products and color/materials while helping them incorporate Human-Centered Design Thinking in their product development process.



HEOS by Denon 

A State-of-the-Art Wireless Audio System


Launching a modern, new brand language and design.

Denon Electronics, a leading manufacturer of premium home and personalaudio products, launches anexciting new wireless multiroom sound system, HEOS by Denon.


Easily connect to an existing Wi-Fi network to bring Denon-quality audio to any, or all, rooms with a state-of-the-art smart device application available for both iOS and Android*.


Through elegantly designed, compact wireless speakers, HEOS by Denon delivers favorite music from the world’s leading online music services including top cloud sources, “legacy” sources, and any smart device, to the room users want to hear the music they enjoy




From Material to Application - Visualization

Intersection / The Design Academy developed small appliance concepts that showcased the benefits of Eastman's innovative new Tritan™ material. Concepts were exhibited at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. Chuck is an integral partner with Eastman's Innovation Lab, especially connecting Eastman with the automotive community in the US and South America.


Watch the video "Eastman: Connecting cars and consumers"

Read the article "Eastman's appliance Concepts" seen in Appliance Design magazine

Visit the Eastman Innovation Lab Website and read about  Intersection / The Design Academy's role


Connecting Suppliers Through Design


Reaching out to Brazilian businesses and universities to showcase new materials, Intersection/The Design Academy presented innovative concepts on packaging design from a multidiscipline perspective for Embalagem Marca magazine and Eastman. The roundtable discussions resulted in making connections of material to application through design.

GE Measurement and Control

RS Detection* (Formerly RSS-131) - Helping GE Embody the Value of Design


RSDetection*Next Generation Reuter Stokes Environmental Radiation Monitor



The RSDetection* unit is Reuter Stokes' next generation environmental radiation monitor, due to be launched in Q3, 2013.


Intersection-Inc. was brought on board in early 2012 to help the RS team redesign the product housing, strengthen the product's alignment with the brand language, and improve its usability for the customer.  Nearing its release, the new design has been well received by customers and the project team alike. 



This project has also helped catalyze a critical discussion and analysis of how design is best integrated into the NPI process to optimize the value that design adds to product development for GE.


Our first objective was to redesign the product housing to realize a reduced number of hardware components and the post processes needed to mount those components. To reduce the number of "off the shelf" hardware components needed on the enclosure, the design team turned to injection molding in lieu of a more post machining dependent deep draw process. This shift allowed for the integration of several parts, such as the handle, feet and mounting block, into the design of the housing, thereby eliminating a good portion of the post machining steps. The second objective involved strengthening the Reuter Stokes' brand alignment by designing in the new GE Measurement & Control visual brand language, which was created for GE M&C in 2011 by Intersection. In rethinking the product's form factor and strategic use of color, we helped create a recognizable brand product that both stands out from the competition and aligns with the roadmap for the GE M&C portfolio. We were also committed to improving the usability of the RSDetection* unit during installation and maintenance. Providing two side handles to hold the unit, instead of the previous top handle, has resulted in positive customer feedback during initial user testing. We also supported a critical change to the battery access to enable customers to be able to replace the battery without voiding the warranty or having to send the product back for battery replacement. The


RSDetection* unit by Reuter Stokes will be the first of several NPI's to be released since the new GE M & C brand language was adopted. This project has contributed to improvements and refinements in the brand language application and has highlighted the importance of engaging design as early as possible in the NPI process to best optimize the value that design can add to new product development.


Image Credit: GE


Bio Cybernetics


On the quest to support health and wellness, Intersection/The Design Academy developed Cybertech therapeutic concepts, which create biomechanics for support, patient comfort and compliance. 

Gaming Concepts 

Smart Tables for Social Interiors 


From Concept Ideation to Engineering /Manufacturing Support.

The objective of the gaming concepts are to develop a smart table for the Chinese gaming market which will incorporate a smart tablet for gaming purposes among other things.


The tables will be placed into bars and will need to fit into this environment from a design, functionality and durability point of view. The design of the table shall communicate a modern, clean, intuitive design standing out in any bar or nightclub environment.


           • Concept Ideation

           • Concept Development

           • Design Development

           • Engineering/Manufacturing Support

Wearable Concepts



Pelly @ Home


Holistic Furniture Collections for the entire home. 

Project Case Studies



Ella - Product design
Eastman -Product design
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