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Past, Present and Future. 

A brief history on Automotive Design at Intersection-Inc.


Please click to zoom for details and explore our journey from the 1958 Reventalow Scarab, to the revered BMW Designworks USA vehicles, the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge and our current and future projects.


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Project Case Studies






Magna International

Lifestyle Concept Vehicle


Intersection worked with Magna International on a lifestyle concept vehicle. "The whole purpose was to create a brand new niche for young and not-so-young people," according to Mr. Gingl, Magna's executive vice-chairman. The vehicle concept illustrates Magna's drive for innovation.

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Ford Motor Company  

Integral to the project was Lifestyle Segmentation and trailers designed by lifestyle activity. Renegade Urban was one of the segments. 

Sponsored by cross-functional leadership the goal of the Innovation Summit  was to shape a vision of how Ford can transition to a culture that delivers an intentional, holistic customer experience.  The 3 day Summit reviewed existing and desired states and resulted in a shared vision and goals, and an actionable roadmap. Representatives from Design, Research & Advanced, Planning Vehicle Component & Systems, Marketing, Consumer Insights, Trends/Futuring, Product Creation, Global Planning, EESE, Body Interior, Vehicle Engineering, Quality, Design Technical, Interior, Exterior, C&M, HR collaborated, aligned and formed task teams 



Ford Process Workshop.png

Mobility as a Service


Intersection has been exploring the idea of 'Mobility as a Service' - A new transport ecosystem where personal vehicles are no longer required and transport of all variations is organized by a single source control (smart device). We aim to create a system where the user always has the optimal transport solution at the click of a button, securing a guarantee of mobility, lowering transport costs and reducing congestion and emissions particularly in urban environments.


We are releasing an article in conjunction with Comtrade with a detailed look into this topic soon, stay tuned for more information




single_double seater009_no text_both doo


CES Jeep Cockpit Animated User Interface


Intersection created a unique opening animation for their CES Show Vehicle. Animation needed to be synched across 3 separate displays (1 in the center console and 2 in the instrument cluster.)


 The goal of the animation was to tell the story of branding the experience (Delphi) in a loop and then build the core UI components. The animation also uniquely begins in a 3D environment, then transitions or builds the 2D UI.  Intersection needed to fully understand the various multi-modal input options (e.g., touch, voice, gaze, thumb controls, etc.) to provide sound ideas that supported the direct actions taken by the user.


H.R.H. Luxury Bus for Dubai

Interior and Exterior Luxury Coach Concept Design


Exterior and interior concepts for a luxury coach for royalty in Dubai. The concept includes the use of new technologies and materials and a respect for comfort and convenience. 

As the automotive industry moves toward a new business model that destroys vertically integrated models, the need for networks, partnerships and strategic flexibility is going to be key,  Our wealth of knowledge in over 40 years in the transportation/mobility industries provides many opportunities for innovation, research, design, strategy, design thinking education and speaking engagements, We can help you create intersections for speed to market and better user understanding.

Pure Michigan  

Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)

Intersection collaborated in the research, future automotive conceptual designs and development of the 30 year Auto Strategic Plan for Pure Michigan.  


A Mandate from the Governor of the State of Michigan 


“To implement and execute a comprehensive strategic plan to drive Michigan’s automotive industry forward to remain as the global center of the automotive industry and to foster sustainable growth within the industry in Michigan.



Ford Logo.png

Integral to the project was Lifestyle Segmentation and trailers designed by lifestyle activity. Renegade Urban was one of the segments. This project is seen on the image on the above right.

Los Angeles Auto Show

Design Challenge

Intersection / The Design Academy are founders of the highly successful Design Challenge included in Design Los Angeles, a conference for automotive designers held annually during The LA Auto Show's two press days. 


Los Angeles area is a world leader in automobile design with many major car studios and coach builders. It has the unique characteristics of car culture, fashion, entertainment, and demographic diversity. It is also the home of Art Center College of Design, one of the world's leading institutions for educating automobile designers. Design Los Angeles aims to provide unique and relevant programs to the international auto design community.

Integral to Design Los Angeles, is the highly publicized Design Challenge, which provides an opportunity for the auto studios to explore new ideas related to concepts of the future that may be relevant to strategy.

CATTIVA Catamaran

CATTIVA -  The 43 foot luxury catamaran

Designed by Chuck Pelly and engineered by well-known architects, Morelli & Melvin.


The yacht is currently berthed in New Zealand after travels to Tonga, Fiji, New Caledonia and Vanuatu waters. Thanks to the many sponsors including Aeristo leather and Taylor Systems.


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