We are your strategic growth partner at the intersection of physical + digital; creating

human-centered designed solutions to grow your business and de-risk your strategy. 

INTERSECTION, our design innovation agency intersects industries and uses our Power of Collective ThoughtTM network to solve complex challenges putting people first, enabled by technology and enriched by data.

THE DESIGN ACADEMY, our education collaboratory offers human-centered design thinking training and integration into organizations by industry practitioners.





Build capability and collaboration while innovating through Human-Centered Design Thinking

If you are charged with driving innovation within an organization or you want to learn creative problem solving methods, The Design Academy’s flexible, proprietary program complements our tailored training and is appropriate for learners at any stage.

Validate your learning through Human-Centered Design Thinking Essentials, a 4-badge pathway training, certified by The Design Academy. The step-by-step pathway nurtures participants through Design Thinking exploration and fundamentals to application mastery and project leadership.


Grow your organization through Proven Innovation and Design Methods

Sometimes knowing where to start innovating is the hardest part.


A Human-Centered Design Innovation Summit, virtual or physical, gathers select, cross-disciplinary industry experts and internal stakeholders to develop new ideas and work on company challenges. It sends a positive message internally and externally that your organization is thinking proactively about the future of its products, services and employees.​

The Innovation Summit offers a constructive and transparent way to identify and prioritize innovation opportunities. The summit discussion is customized to address organizational priorities.

PRODUCTS: UX / UI and Industrial Design

Intersection works with GE Healthcare, Innovative Office and UCSD Design Lab to improve the beauty, comfort and function of lives.

Human-Centered Design Thinking

Business Playbook 101

Tried design thinking and it didn’t stick, or you have come to understand the benefits, but aren’t sure how to launch HCD in your own corporate structure.

What is Human-Centered Design Thinking?

How can it get started in my organization?

How do I scale?

How can I ensure it is successful?


The HCDT Business Playbook answers those questions and more, so you can put your organization on a path to long-term success.

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