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The Legendary Don Norman Keeps on Inspiring - Humanity Centered Design is required for the City of San Diego WDC2024 grants.

If you still haven't seen it yet, check out the new classic book by Don Norman, Design For A Better World. In it he discusses that to solve our global challenges we need to more Humanity Centered. As designers, we talk about Human-Centered Design. Don is looking at the bigger picture of our connection to our larger ecosystem, and how humanity centered design is key to helping solve the complexity we face today.

In a discussion with our CEO, Joan Gregor, she agrees with her colleague, Don. She states design thinking, or creative problem solving skills, is still great for non-designers, but as professional designers we need to move from design thinking, which is very cerebral, to design consciousness which embraces our universal oneness. We still need humans to solve these complex challenges, and include professional designers, while considering the additional issues and impact on humanity as Don discusses. This is a great vision of how we need to change our conversation and is great for those 'Big Think' organizations. Our corporate world unfortunately still thinks in the short term, As designers it is up to us to help them move in that direction.

In the recently announced $550,000 WDC2024 grants by the City of San Diego, the principles of humanity centered design is front and center. These principles must be incorporated into all grant applications.


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