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If you are bored with today …take a look at tomorrow as seen by the innovative ideas shown at CES.

4,500 Exhibitors

2.9 million net square feet Exhibit space

1,200 startups at the Eureka Park Marketplace.

188,000 industry professionals, including more than 63,000 from outside the U.S

We walked 17.5 miles in 2 ½ days. Although we saw a lot we did not see the entire show. Our insights our based on what we saw and people we talked to at CES.

John Deere Agriculture


"Upon visiting the CES show and seeing the future my worry is not the products themselves, but can and how fast can people really adapt to them" Chuck Pelly

On Design

From a design standpoint the bar has risen and good design is now an expectation..

As new technology and materials allow ‘engineering packages’ to be modified, leading companies are using design to create an integrated, differentiated and delightful user experience as. This requires a very close collaboration of designers and engineers. All types of designers now need to be experience designers as the design disciplines begin to blur.

The future is coming sooner than you think

Technology is moving faster, becoming cheaper and smaller. Key developments are driving our move to a cognitive and auto society faster than we can imagine. LG talks about exponential tech creating abundance: AI, VR & AR, Robotics, Drones, 3D Printing, Blockchain, Synthetic Biology, Sensors.

Autonomous vehicles driving the future for consumer and medical industries

Bringing the home into the car, augmented reality, gesturing, individual climate control and new types of transportation emerging. Many firms are trying to push into the automotive industry. There is the writing on the wall for those suppliers that will no longer be in business with the changing automotive technology. These are some of the ones who are innovating – they need to in order to survive.

Will we wake up one day and look like robots?

Societies desire to look younger is driving the use of technology to have flawless skin. As we take awake wrinkles and create more perfection are we getting rid of our expression of emotion? The latest new product is P&G’s Opté that “detects hyperpigmentation more precisely than the human eye can see and gently applies an optimizing serum to make skin look naturally flawless immediately and to reduce the appearance of spots over time.”

The disappearance of the black hole

LG’s new rollup TV redefines the look of our home.

Convenience is king

Brew your beer just like your coffee with a brew pod by LG

Start-up Disruption

Growing self confidence of smaller companies who are now directly competing with large corporations. One example is Lidar technology.

- Global visibility: Many international countries fostering their startups through the world displays in the start-up exhibit, Eureka Park

Technology for technology sake

Companies keep pushing new technologies such as 8K, while consumers aren’t even up to speed with 4K. Are we moving way faster than the current human need?

Living longer with dignity and ease

  • Eyeglasses alerting caregivers of a fall

  • 3D printing is advancing in manufacturing and allowing for more customization, but may be losing its consumer application appeal.

We loved the show and we will go again and again ….FOMO

Thank you to Michael Leidtke, Sr VP at Skeleton Technologies for his contributions.


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