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San Diego/ Tijuana Officially the World Design Capital 2024

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

It is Offical! The formal "Signing Ceremony" is the first major milestone in our journey as World Design Capital and allows the programming to begin.

2 Cities, 2 Communities, 1 region of over 7 million people.

It was exciting to be part of this event which included an interactive panel of prominent San Diegians who discussed the history of SD and TJ, the importance of the collaboration for the communities of our region and an announcement of a Don Norman Scholarship Award.

The panel was followed by the official signing ceremony with representatives from WDO President David Kusuma, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, Secretary of Economic Development for the City of Tijuana, Alejandro Mungaray, Pradeep Khosla Chancellor, UCSD, as well as WDC 2024 board members.

See videos below on the Panel

and the Signing ceremony.

Interactive Panel

Don Norman, Founding Director of UCSD Design Lab

Malin Burnham, Founder & Chairman of the Burnham Center for Community Advancement

Mary Walshok, Former Associate Vice Chancellor for UCSD Public Programs.


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