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Solution for rapid transit & ecological cycle


Increasing population is always a major concern for big cities around the world, which is very likely to exacerbate urban problems including air pollution and traffic congestions. To solve them, numerous new concepts of urban design have been proposed. By 2025 people have already established several test cities according to some of the theories, among which the most popular one is the Mutualistic Ecological City or M.E.C, one located in Shanghai and the other in L.A.



Inspired by the mutualistic relationship between ants and trumpet trees, M.E.C brings transportation network and ecological system together. In an M.E.C, a new kind of biofuel-powered single seat mobility, the Roewe Mobiliant, plays the role of ant. When driving, they absorb air pollutants emitted by gasoline vehicles and convert them into fertilizer. Fertilizer is finally transferred to eco-buildings when Mobiliants are temporarily parked on walls. In return, ecobuildings refuel them with biofuel, a product from plant fermentation, enabling Mobiliants to keep working day and night.


Ant itself is extremely fascinating. By mimicing its body structure, Mobiliant is endowed with high adaptability. Equipped with dual rotation axes system and the C.L.A.W.S, they are capable of running on Mobiliant Expressway, a dedicated roadway featuring non-horizontal or even twisted surfaces. Making full use of space dramatically increases traffic capacity, and various combinations of 3D surfaces helps to decongest roads, even eliminate the need for traffic lights.



The Mobiliant network serves as a public transit solution just like taxi. With more M.E.Cs springing up, it will illustrate a vision for a cleaner and more pleasant urban future


WINNER -  Roewe Mobiliant | SAIC Design Design Los Angeles - 2013 Design Challenge

The 2013 Winner of LA Auto Show's Design Los Angeles Design Challenge is Roewe Mobiliant SAIC Design.  


The Design Challenge topic this year was Biomimicry & Mobility: Natures Answers to Human Mobility Issues.


Thank you to all the design studios that took part in this amazing challenge, there were many outstanding entries.


Chuck Pelly (Intersection-Inc) with Judges from left to right: John Manogian II (College Creative Studies), Tom Matano (Academy of Art), Stewart Reed (Art Center College of Design),  Gabriel Miller (Centre for Bioinspiration - San Diego Zoo Global), Abel Sampson (Car Design News)



SAIC Design  - Mobiliant

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