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Thought Leadership 


Long Term Vision Planning | Executive Sound Boarding | Advisory | Team Building | Implementation

We advise and mentor in the creation of tools and strategic roadmaps to realize your vision and shift the perception and role of design to a high value proposition and corporate initiative. 


Design Vision

Your Stake in the Ground



1. Co-Creating your roadmap to meet short-term Design Initiatives w/ long term vision planning


2. Priority Management “Where to play and where to stay”


3. Seeking short term wins-identifying in-pipeline products/processes for improvements


4. Mentoring and collaboration on Design Management & Planning issues


5. Planning synergistic stakeholder relationships


6. Facilitating Salons and Outreach with other design / industry leaders


7. Defining and applying foundational DNA for interior brand language


8. Building internal PR strategy establishing your place, communicating your vision


9. Transition planning establishing guidelines for smooth Hand-offs & offsetting responsibilities

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