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Chuck Pelly brings HUMIIN    Design philosophy to the International Home + Housewares Show as part of the highly-acclaimed Innovation Theatre lecture series.



Chuck Pelly, Chief Creative Officer, Intersection-Inc. will be presenting at the International Home + Housewares Show on March 7-10, 2015 in Chicago, USA. The lecture HUMIIN™ explores a high-level design philosophy that can be inspiring to a board target audience to develop products for this changing, more integrated and intuitive world.




Creating a meaningful user experience though a new level of understanding of the relationship between human interactions with technology and nature.


   • The accelerating role of the senses and exploration of multi-sensory integration.

   • The role of sensing technology in consumer products.

   • Design to influence users’ emotional and physiological well-being.



A brand is more than the DNA, Philosophy and Values that created it. It is also the engagement and emotional attachment that it generates. But with an increasingly plugged-in, experience-driven and distracted culture, it is more difficult for products to hold the attention of its users.


A HUMIIN™ philosophy brings awareness to increased comfort, beauty and function by deepening the knowledge of human understanding and nature and how it supports the interface between humans, machines, and their environment. It is about aesthetics, ergonomics, form, color, materials, usability and also about human needs. It is understanding the relationship between human interactions with technology and inspired by nature to enhance empathy and create an emotional connection to a product and brand. Driven by a need for consistency, the branding process begins with a vision for an exceptional user experience.  


The Be HUMIIN™ presentation will deepen the understanding of designing with the five senses, (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste) including multi-sensory integration. It will take a deep dive into exploring the influential affects of users’ emotional and physiological relationships with the technological interactivity of products in this new connected world.


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