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The Intersection Design Team attends Tech to Reconnect at The San Diego Zoo




Can assuming new perspectives increase our empathy for other species? That was the topic of conversation during last nights Tech to Reconnect event held at the San Diego Zoo. This was part one of a two part series devoted to exploring how technology can reconnect people with the natural world. There were a variety of interactive exhibitions ranging from mimicking how a bat “sees” in the dark, to how a butterfly navigates using the earths magnetic field, to feeling what it’s like to see the world from the perspective, and altitude,  of a giraffe.  The highlight of the evening was listenging to the three featured speakers including Shawnee Baughman: Manager, Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Dr. John Bailey: Program Manager, Google Geo Education, Dr. Andrew Quitmeyer: Researcher & Founder, Digital Naturalism.  All three presenters shared fascinating insights on how their work and research is helping increase empathy for nature.


Can assuming new perspectives increase our empathy for other species? Based on last nights events, the answer is a resounding yes!

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