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San Diego / Tijuana Semi-Finalist for World Design Capital

Changing the world begins at HOME (Human-Centered, Open, Multidisciplinary/Multicultural, Experimental) and San Diego / Tijuana is own their way to becoming the World Design Capital. The other semi-finalist is Moscow. "The bid speaks to a culture of cross-border collaboration and the role of both technology and innovation towards building more interconnected communities" stated by the World Design Organization.

The Design Forward Alliance, in partnership with the UCSD Design Lab and Burnham Center for Community Advancement, spearheaded a binational team of designers, innovators, and civic leaders for the WDC 2024 bid preparation and submission. The potential overall economic impact of the year-long designation is estimated at approximately $1.5 billion. Endorsed by both the San Diego and Tijuana mayor’s offices, the community and prominent supporters, this bi-cultural, bi-city bid is the first of its kind and will showcase San Diego/ Tijuana as a model of design driven innovation to emulate.

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Design Forward Alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation


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