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San Diego Shows-Up as a Leader in the Tech Industry.

Making the cut, San Diego ranked 5th on a long list of aspiring innovation hubs. It keeps company with other leading innovation cities including, San Francisco, Seattle, San Jose and Boston. San Diego has seen an increase in innovation jobs by .4 % or 19, 949 new jobs from 2005-2017.

Apparently, the city has what it takes, “a mix of investment—in things like R&D, education fellowships, and financing for small businesses—and tax incentives to encourage new business.” This is the formula for success, and San Diego is well fertilized for continuous growth.

The recognition can also be a warning. More mature innovation hubs like San Francisco, home to Facebook’s headquarters, have become overly saturated, expensive to live in and less desirable to live based on criteria other than being near the innovation activity.

It’s a challenge and a badge of honor that San Diego is proud to bear. Being innovative drives interest in collaborating with businesses in the city. It attracts fresh talent and stimulates the local economy. It says San Diego is showing up in a big way, and seeking to make an impact, however contrary to our stereotypical, laid back lifestyle that may seem.

Why else do we love San Diego? There are just a few small reasons why INTERSECTION chose San Diego as its home base:

· 80 Leading Research Institutions

· 6,000 Technology Companies

· 10 Convergence Research Institutions

· Life Sciences Leader

· Entrepreneurial / Venture Culture

· Lifestyle Focus

· San Diego Zoo Bioinspiration

San Diego’s embedded innovative culture keeps our business in the middle of fresh insights, trends, and industry intersections that expand our knowledge and enhance our client services.

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Olwen Philomena
Olwen Philomena
Aug 06, 2022

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