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The Design Academy and UGA Partner on a Human-Centered Design Workshop for Senior Management.

Updated: May 28, 2019

Understand if HCD is right for your organization by working with your team on one of your current challenges.

The University of Georgia, Terry College of Business and The Design Academy of San Diego, California offered a two-day, Human Centered Design Thinking workshop in the Executive Education curriculum. Human-Centered Design Thinking (HCD) is a methodology that gives non-designers a new way to see and address customer needs while generating higher levels of customer empathy, employee inclusion and organizational collaboration; a challenging change to the conventional business mindset. This workshop is hands-on, applying proprietary HCD tools to address a real world challenge within your organization.

This unique, hybrid executive course was tailored for senior management and their teams exploring and understanding the value of HCD. The curriculum provided a thorough explanation of why HCD matters to people and business and the changing competitive environment responsible for its recent receptivity.Teams of two-three from each company determined if HCD was right for their organization and developed a corps of ambassadors to drive new levels of innovation.

Innovation is a core business capability that enables organizations to deliver higher levels of value to customers, instill creative thinking, and differentiate themselves from competitors. Design Thinking is at the heart of innovation and is one of the hottest topics being discussed at all leadership levels in organizations globally. Successful innovation requires the management of an innovation process that includes the HCD methodology. It is a great way to gain unique insights about your customers’ deepest needs and motivations while at the same time driving a higher level of creative thought in your organization.

This exciting workshop will run again in the fall of 2019. Email us if you are interested in participating.


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