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Feeling the Energy of the World Design Capital 2024 Design Ambassadors

Top Design Ambassadors met a 2nd time in March 2023 as a driving force and vocal support for the World Design Capital 2024. "The Design Ambassador / Embajador de Diseño/a are a select group of binational, influential design leaders and executives from the

San Diego-Tijuana region" states the Design Forward Alliance. They serve to:

○ "ensure the professional design community is a driving force and vocal

supporter of the World Design Capital 2024

○ amplify the message and importance of design and innovation

○ uncover a diverse collection of design-driven initiatives from the past,

present and future that authentically represent the region"

Quarterly meetings will take place to engage, inform and garner feedback to ensure a design legacy endures long after 2024.

Joan Gregor, Intersection / The Design Academy's CEO is a founding board member of the Design Forward Alliance and contributor to the winning bid.


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