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Joan Gregor presented at CACDS on the Re-Invention of the Pharmacy Experience. 
"Companies typically have many ideas, but they often need a methodology to filter, prioritize and scale up these concepts." 
This process helps companies commercialize, increase speed to market, shift perspectives and differentiate by focusing on the user experience in context of their brand.

...This methodology can be used for anyone who wants to innovate, not just for pharmacies...

Some of the key discussion areas at the Conference were:

Online shopping is certainly growing, but there is an opportunity for retail stores / pharmacies to connect emotionally with their customers. 


Pharmacists' role is changing to become more advocate centered – how can they take over some of the responsibilities doctors and nurses have – should they be able to write prescriptions?

How can we change the culture of the pharmacists which are now for the most part operationally focused?

Should Canada have a national drug policy?

To differentiate future stores should train their Associates to be knowledgeable, be aesthetically attractive.

Aging population was a talked about as a trend.  Joan discussed ways to combine and translate these trends.


Canadian Association Chain Drug Stores

attended by Retailers, Associates, Industry




We are a breakpoint in our rapidly accelerating world of change – encountering challenges and opportunities unique and without any parallel to the past. The rules are shifting and solutions that once worked can only be partial roadmaps to solving today’s omni-dimensional and complex issues. Opportunities are endless and how we prioritize, innovate and optimize will be key ingredients to success. It is time to shift our focus to providing solutions that really matter; creating emotional connections that will turn into brand loyalty. It is about innovating operations and company culture to incorporate sustainable processes and research methodologies that help us deeply understand the latent needs of our customers that will drive growth and keep you relevant in this changing market. This presentation is the process of one of the top retail pharmacy chains in the U.S. and their journey to transform their business model by placing their customers at the heart of their operations - A journey to The Pharmacy of the Future. Learn new approaches and frameworks that can help you create a value proposition that lead to a competitive advantage.  



Joan Gregor, Founder and CEO, Intersection-Inc. 


As a strategist and grounded visionary, Joan deciphers the organic creative and product development processes into tangible and feasible strategies to drive growth and accelerate commercialization. With a focus on leveraging the value of design, she has consulted for such clients as GE Healthcare, CVS Pharmacy, Magna International, BMW/Designworks, NZ Better By Design, Bose, and Lifetime Brands to create exceptional and consistent user experiences, transform cultures, and empower leaders to visualize change. Her ability to stimulate intellectual and creative development through applied research in design has led to the development of business critical research and tools for design management challenges, innovation and concept filtering, customer co-creation workshops and corporate assessment programs. As an entrepreneur, she has practical experience in design resulting in 5 patents for a retail product line, including all elements of business start-up to market launch and licensing. Her vision, HUMIINTM,  is to provide increased comfort, beauty and function to people through a better understanding of humans in their universal context through empathic and sustainable processes.  Her company, Intersection-Inc, fuels innovation through the lens of design by translating business strategy into meaningful user experiences, products and service by creating connections between companies, research, science, technology, markets, your internal teams and you. Through her multinational clients and sense of adventure, she has travelled extensively contributing cultural insights and knowledge to her perspective on design thinking. She is an avid sailor and passionate about how design can make our world a better place.

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