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The GE Carescape R860, a new patient ventilator that utilizes a full-touch human centered user interface, launches at first hospital slashing ICU costs in GE software test. The user interface, designed by Intersection-Inc and Bryan Powell, is an excellent example of how humanizing technology can directly increase ROI.

















Sep 1, 2015, 10:15am EDT

Barrett J. BrunsmanStaff reporter

Cincinnati Business Courier


EXCLUSIVE: Cincinnati hospital slashes ICU costs in GE software test



Jewish Hospital reduced the average length of stay in its intensive care unit by 28 percent and saved nearly $9,000 per patient using new nutrition-monitoring software designed by General Electric Healthcare.

The hospital in Kenwood was the first in the nation to use GE Healthcare’scalorie-counting software. Installed in a GE ventilator that helps ICU patients breathe, the software is controlled via a touch screen that can be swiped with a finger like a smartphone.


Data provided in real time allowed hospital workers to quickly make decisions about critically ill patients. The clinicians created nutritional plans to improve patient outcomes, which reduced both the average length of stay in the ICU and the cost of care.



Read the full story featured on Cincinnati Business Courier Business Journal click here




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