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New Design Thinking / Human-Centered Design Workshop Dates Announced January 24-25th San Diego, CA



"As an Army Officer recently transitioned to a CEO role in a start-up, the opportunity to engage with a world class design team and learn how human centered design informs good decision making and drives innovation for products and processes was truly an exceptional experience.  I'd recommend a course like The Design Academy's HCD workshop to any senior military leader looking to transition to the C-Suite."  


Benjamin Buchholz, Co-Founder and CEO

Nthos Solutions

Disruptive innovation through

Human-Centered Design

January 24-25, 2017

For all disciplines....Learn to solve business challenges more creatively

and accelerate innovation.


This two-day workshop introduces participants to a flexible framework for practicing the

discipline of Human-Centered Design. Participants will learn how HCD can be used to:


  • Understand the needs of the different stakeholders.

  • Encourage frequent prototyping and sense-checking of ideas.

  • Promote effective interdisciplinary collaboration.

  • Provide teams with a repeatable way to innovate.

Learn More About the Workshop


The Design Academy is the education collaboratory of Intersection-Inc.

Intersection 2016

“Fantastic introduction to the benefits of design thinking for any business. It makes what could be seen as foreign activities to “non-designers” accessible and easy to take away and introduce to your company.”

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