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Altair Engineering partners with Olympian medalist, Blake Leaper to create new, breakthrough prosthetics concept.



Intersection attended the IDSA annual conference.  Eastman hosted a breakfast in which Altair Engineering presented their concept development for new prosthetics for Olympic medalist, Blake Leaper.  There are many challenges to overcome especially how to take this ‘Formula 1’ type concept into a product for in which many can use for everyday living. The speakers stressed how they are not enhancing Blake’s capability with this product, but trying to develop something that will allow Blake to get on a level playing field with other atheletes by just using his own capabilities.



"Intersection was privileged to have Blake visit our office in San Diego which is near by the Olympic complex where he trains most everyday. It was inspiring and a true honor." describes Joan Gregor, Founder & CEO, Intersection.  





To support this effort contact Altair Engineering

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