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Intersection's, Scott Clear, spoke on a panel with Weyerhaeser on Advancing Design Through Materials at the recent 2014 IDSA Annual International Conference.




Breaking All the Rules (And Then Some) 


Weyerhaeuser has developed THRIVE™ composites to provide rule-breaking and sustainable solutions based on its expertise in cellulose fibers technology. Find out over breakfast what Ford Motor Company and Tupperware Brands Corporation are doing with THRIVE™ as well as the experiences of Intersection, a San Diego-based design consultancy. Dr. Ellen Lee, Ford's team leader for plastics research; David Kusuma, vice president of product development and R&D worldwide for Tupperware; and Scott Clear, vice president of product development for Intersection, will give you food for thought in a panel discussion moderated by Gaylon White, chief orbiting officer of Orbiting Creative.


To learn more about IDSA's event  visit http://www.

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