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Intersection's Be Humiin Presentation spurs new inspiration to architects and designers at SpArk 2104.


Chuck Pelly was invited to be the keynote speaker at SpArk Interiors 2014 to share the Be Humiin design philosophy created by Intersection-Inc.   The event was a huge success and Chuck enjoyed meeting and sharing his passion and insights for the human-centric design approach with fellow top designers and architects. 

Photos taken by SpArk Interiors 2014

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SpArc Interiors is an invitation-only meeting for principals and directors of interior design. It provides a forum to collaborate, strategize, and discover innovative solutions for the myriad challenges faced by the interior design industry. The unique format allows for the opportunity for all attendees to get involved in the conversation. SpArc Interiors facilitates executive-level collaboration for sharing best practices and lessons learned with industry leaders. This one-of-a-kind atmosphere offers an opportunity to engage in thought-provoking discussions and exchange invaluable ideas with peers at your level.

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