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Difference Makers International and Intersection join forces in a breakthrough Co-Creation Workshop/ThinkTank.  


Using the lens of design, Intersection assisted in bringing clarity of the vision and structural road map for the flourishing, expanding wordwide philanthropic organization.  


As part of our community activism and volunteer outreach, Intersection lead a co-creation workshop / think tank for Difference Makers International to assist in defining a solid vision and developing a social media outreach strategy.  Digging deep with a powerful set of amazing minds from Difference Makers, the design thinking techniques brought forth great breakthroughs and clarity for the team.  We are honored to be a part of this sincere, heartfelt philanthropic organization helping children and adults alike find their voice and believe in their dreams. 


"Difference Makers International’s MIRACLE truly happened yesterday.  The generosity, sensitivity and structure provided by the AMAZING Intersection Team – Joan Gregor, Chuck Pelly, John Hulsey, Crista Tekstra, Babette Strousse and Marisa Anchonado gave us the roots and wings to take action on our dream.


We proved that youth and adults, interacting side-by-side, each heard, each having a VOICE to create positive social change--- no one left out! This is Difference Makers Intl.!!! "  ~Sparky Bridges, Founder and Executive Director.



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