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Chuck Pelly, our CCO, will be back at his alma matter to judge the Car Classic. Below is some information provided by art center about the event. We hope to see you all there


Car Classic serves as a reminder that behind every beautifully designed car is an innovative and talented designer – one most likely educated at ArtCenter College of Design. 

Inspired by the international auto racing colors of rosso corsa, white with Cunningham stripes and Bleu de France, this year ArtCenter celebrates the innovative feats of transportation design stemming from Italy, America and France. 

Join auto enthusiasts, art aficionados and weekend adventurers at ArtCenter College of Design for a daylong celebration. More than just another high-profile car show, this annual public event celebrates the very best in industrial design, showcases the College’s strong ties to industry, and honors many of our noteworthy alumni.


Art Center Car Classic

Art Center - Pasadena, CA



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