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October 2017


Design Forward Alliance Summit

Design Forward Alliance is an advocacy group representing designers of brands, products, environments, services, experiences and systems. Our mission is to create a unified effort that promotes the value of professional design and design thinking for better outcomes in business, education, government and the San Diego community. The Design Forward Alliance identifies opportunities and makes connections to world-class design and designers.

Our first event, SPEAKING THEIR LANGUAGE was held at the Sanford Consortium -

Stop talking design for design’s sake and start talking design for business’ sake. Civic, business, and design leaders share tips, techniques, and strategies with Don Norman about demonstrating the value of design with panelists, Vicor Nacif , Intersection-Inc and Brojure, John Bandringa, Port of San Diego, Chuck Longnecker, Digital Telepathy and Barbara Bry, San Diego City Councilmember


Stayed tuned for our next event in July.

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