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Strategic Visualizations
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Graphic design is the voice between the product and the consumer. The ability for the product to “Talk” to the customer-on it's own-is critical to the success of the brand. Distinct personalities are maintained by the graphic form language and message conveyed - and it is applied on every item we interact with in our daily lives.

Innovative Office Logo.png

ELLA by Innovative 

An Aesthetically Adaptable Ergonomic Monitor Arm


Integrating Human-Centered Design Thinking into Product Design

We were very proud to attend the launch of Innovative’s newest product at the 50th NeoCon edition this year: Ella, the next-generation monitor arm, continues Innovative’s commitment to making ergonomics beautiful.


Offering effortless movement and sure-footed stability for monitors up to an astonishing 43″ screen size, Ella installs entirely from above the desk surface and requires very few adjustments during setup, greatly reducing installation time. The all-new Ella monitor arm features a striking design and unparalleled performance, with optional customizable inserts to create a look that fits any workspace.


It is a pleasure to be working with Innovative for over a year and a half now, helping them incorporate Human-Centered Design Thinking in their Product Design endeavors.



Chrysalis Brand Identity

Logo for new material

An new logotype was needed to reflect a new material that is clear and transforms into an new shape when expanded. The new material is a very crisp-cornered substrate, and therefore the font used was to reflect the modern and crisp feel of that material. The green color reflects the chrysalis of the monarch butterfly that magically transforms as well - like the material. The logo mark reflects the crisp edges, the transparency and the origami shape that the material possesses. It is meant to be friendly, but technical at the same time - converying a sense of wonder.

Surface Design

Graphics for Chrysalis Skateboard

Graphics were developed to showcase the Chrysalis material on a prototype item - a skateboard - the chosen design reflected the butterfly (indicative of the Chrysalis trnasformation). The graphics needed to appeal to a wide audience, but still be progressive and enticing in nature.

Uniform Design (Fire Rated)

for GE Measurement & Control

A complete uniform collection was developed to meet the strict Fire Rated regulation for GE's Measurement and Control devision. This division works within the Oil and Gas environments. We worked with the manufacturers to develop uniforms that were configured to meet requitements of:


  + Fire Protection

  + Reflective 3M piping

  + Meet GE Brand Guidelines

  + Available Color/Dye-lots

  + Comfortable and durable fabrics

  + Low quantities

  + Low cost

  + Local Sourcing/Manufacturing

  + Quick turn-around time

  + Custom embroidery


Items Developed


 + Polo Shirts

 + Long Sleeve Button-Front Shirts

 + 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Shirts

 + Coveralls

 + Polar Fleece Jackets

 + Helmets

 + Ball Caps

L.A. Auto Show Design Challenge Book

10 Years of Auto Studio Design Submissions

Intersection developed a complete collection of the 10 Design Challenge competions held at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


The 200 exciting pages of full-color prints will delight and inspire you -- The 11' x 11" coffee table book showcases the best automotive designers have to show -the concepts are rich in thought process according to each years' theme - and the visuals are stunning examples of the very best automotive illustrators to date.

Project Case Studies

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