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2017 International Consumer Electronics Show - CES

Las Vegas, Nevada 



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2016 CES Show Floor Photos


[Left to Right] BMW SmartGlass, eHAUNG 184, Mi TV Family, Intel Health and Fitness Wearables/Sensors


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Gracenote Party


Crowds at the Gracenote party enjoyed live entertainment as well as complementary food and drinks, while checking out the new range of offerings.























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BMW Car of the Future concept


This BMW Concept showcased the technology and materials that BMW believes will be coming to us in the somewhat near future.

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, held in Las Vegas, Nevada is where companies from a wide variety of markets that dabble in various applications of electronics come to showcase their latest technology. The Intersection team was there to take it in over the 4-day show.


This year drones, virtual reality, and voice recognition enhanced products were the main show pieces. Various augmented and virtual reality applications were prominently displayed in a variety of applications ranging from rides that could be in an amusement part to compact systems that offer the user a heads up display featuring important information, such as route guidance, messages, and health metrics. Drones and their related tech made their presence known from drones capable of capturing high definition 3D modeled landscapes, to drones that it in a pocket book that can be quickly unfolded to take “selfies” of groups, and scenery. Airbus Defense was there to showcase a variety of their drone defense systems for commercial and government uses, as well as some for those who want privacy. These systems make real-time complex calculations to ensure the of the public as well as pinpoint the drone operator and dispatch authorities as needed. The most common technological feature being showcased across all platforms was voice recognition. Expect most products coming to market over the next few years to feature some form of voice recognition/control.


The CES 2017 Innovation Award honorees did not disappoint as always with us finding some gems in the Digital Imaging, Tech for a Better World, Vehicle Intelligence, and Wearable Technologies categories. With the advancements happening in VR, we particularly interested in 360Fly’s new 4k camera which shoots ultra-hd 360 video creating a completely immersive experience for the viewer. Several companies introduced products that could potentially change the world for the better, from analyzing water to air pollution to pill monitoring. The automotive industry continues to introduce systems to enhance safety and overall vehicle intelligence from the sci-fi AI computer systems to ultra-advanced navigation systems. Wearable Technologies always impress with how the can constantly get smaller, more efficient, and yet produce better results, such as the promising Pupil Optical Module that hopefully inspire innovation in and hopefully revolutionize the smart-glasses market.


CES has always been and continues to be a must go-to convention for Intersection because it showcases exactly what we stand for, the intersection where cutting edge technology meets high design, comfort and functionality. Here we learn about newly discovered technologies that can be applied to some of clients products elevating both their products and brands to new levels. As we walk the show we gain insight and visualize new product opportunities to best suite our past, current, and future clients. Our team is already implementing some of the knowledge we gained and fostering relationships new relationships with some of the great people we met while at CES.


While we could easily sit here for the next week trying to cover everything that we saw, took in, and the people we met we won’t, needless to say we are already anxiously waiting to see what comes out of the CES 2018 show.


Jeremy batter 2017

Photo Credit: Jeremy Batter

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