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Leveraging the value of design for Strategic Visioning, Product Planning and Concept Exploration.



Resource Fiber is a pure-play company establishing the bamboo fiber industry in the U.S. beginning in the Black Belt region of Alabama.The global market for bamboo products is $35 billion, and growing fast. Currently more than 200 bamboo products are imported and sold in the U.S.


Based on our Business of Design methodologies, Intersection-Inc worked with Resource Fiber's management and team of experts to develop a viable and feasible near term product planning strategy and roadmap of potential short-term product opportunities.  The visualization resulted in the development of a longer-term business plan, product IP strategy and vision for their internal team and investors, and ultimately, positioning the Company for a Series A fundraising. Subsequent phases would include concept refinement and product development based on factors such as market potential, speed to market, reduced risk and Resource Fiber branded versus OEM products.

Benefits of Intersection's Strategic Visualization Design Process 


  • Develop Go To Market Relationships   

  • Potential IP and Risk Analysis

  • Accelerate Cultural Adoption By Communicating Change

  • Show Capital Resources Investment Opportunities








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