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GE Launches Carescape R860, a new patient ventilator with User Interface designed by Bryan Powell of Intersection-Inc.

Just released, GE Healthcare with Bryan Powell of Intersection-Inc, Carescape R860, a new patient ventilator that utilizes a full-touch human centered user interface to provide doctors, respiratory therapists and nursing staff with a clearer window into their patients. This patented UI allows for quick access to detailed historical data (past), current patient status (present) and clinical decision support (future.)

Project Highlights:


• Multi-disciplinary team building (the team tried to make it happen and they said to us going in that they didn't know if we would succeed!)


• Brand design language based on GE DNA values


• Aesthetic and functional interface (day & night screens etc)


• IP for GE Healthcare and sharing across other GE divisions


• Designed for different user requirements (drs / nurses/ etc)


• Very positive user testing

GE Carescape R86 Brochure Available for download:

For the Official GE Carescape R860 Press Release click here

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