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  upbeat market overall.”



Emerging trends from the Detroit Auto Show

Materials Textures/ Patterns:

     •Carbon fibers with three dimensional touch, where you can feel the weaving pattern.               Check out the Nissan concept vehicle.            


Heads-up Displays more frequent (HMI)

     •Showcased in Toyota and Mazda.


More trucks emanating toughness persona:

     •Trucks are still a strong market and the "Green" focus while still relevant and important,          seems to be a bit less at the forefront.     

     •Ford's new F150 with aluminum panels is pioneering the effort for lighter weight trucks.


Concept car lighting interior and exterior explorations:

     •Use of laser technology (headlights by Audi).

     •Light pipes - An example is the tail light concept of the Toyota concept car symbolizing             electric current.       

     •Interior lighting to reflect various modes such as entry, passenger use and instrument               identification.               


Form: Two extremes embraced

     •Sinuous with lots of twisting surfaces as seen in the Nissan concept, Toyota concept.

     •Clean, simple and refined as featured in Volvo. 


Sustainability: Most hybrids kept a very low profile this year- not much in the limelight. No major introductions in this segment by the major players


Emotional "Faces" of cars/trucks:

     •Angry, aggressive

     •Calm, passive


Craft: Higher level of craft integrated in concept vehicles- especially interiors. Rich materials, stitching details, fit, finish...


Instrument Panels: 

     •Gauges are going away, moving to heads-up. 

     •Screens clean up "Clutter" of electronics and readouts. 



     •Focus on connected safety systems.

     •Commitments to automated "Driver-less" vehicles by 2020, pledge by Nissan.

Intersection was well represented at the Detroit Auto show. We have brought back some of the top trends were felt were the emerging ones to watch.


Emotional faces on cars
Heads up display
Simple design
Texture detail
Heads up display
Soft curves
Aggressive faces on cars
Dimensional patterns
Emotional faces
Car expressions
Soft curves
Tough trucks
Lighting methods
Tough trucks
Lighting effects
Faces on cars
Dimensional textures
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