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2015 Sensors Expo & Conference

Long Beach, California 



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2016 Sensors Expo Floor Photos


[Left to Right] Various photos from across the floor including smart device apps, dashboard and cluster concepts, facial recognition and analysis software and autonomy.



On Thursday (June 10, 2015) members of the Intersection-Inc. team attended the Sensors Expo and Conference at Long Beach Convention Centre in Long Beach, California.


The innovation team walked the tradeshow floor investigating and understanding the complex but exciting technologies on display from various manufacturers/suppliers from all corners of the world. The scale of companies varied hugely, from large corporations such as Rohm Semiconductor and Analog Devices, to smaller startups producing equally impressive sensor-related products. The aim was to uncover new and innovative approaches to implement relevant technology into Intersection's design work, specifically integrating it with the company philosophy of HUMIIN™. "We want to bring the human closer to technology on all levels with our design and many of the sensors displayed at the expo offered exciting ways to achieve this" explains an Intersection-Inc. team member.


Examples of humans becoming more integrated with technology included pressure sensitive solutions, accurate measurement processes, materials with smart technology, color analysis and advanced facial and body motion tracking.


Follow up discussions surrounding this expo have started and will continue over the next few months. The current state of technology is hugely promising and exciting for Intersection and the team looks forward to creating connections with some of the innovators in the world of sensors.


For more information of Sensors Conference & Expo visit


Sam McCafferty 2015

Photo Credit: Sam McCafferty and James McGowan

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