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2015 Los Angeles Auto Show

Los Angeles Convention Center 



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A new challenge - Intersection CCO Chuck Pelly outside the Design and Developer Challenge venue.


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2015 Volvo Project 26 Interior Concept


A look into the near future of the automotive experience. A unique take on the transition from manual to autonomous control.

The Los Angeles Auto Show is as large as ever in 2015 and the team from Intersection was there to witness the new metal from renowned marques such as Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes and Alfa Romeo - as well as introducing the reinvented 2015/2016 Design and Developer Challenge, or D²C.


Always a highlight of our year, the Connected Car Expo and two Press and Trade days at the Los Angeles Auto Show are a busy few days filled with industry analysis, trend spotting, networking, meetings, manufacturer presentations and of course social events.


While roaming the show floor viewing the new concepts and their respective debut events was the order on the first day, the D²C event took place on the second day - an event that Intersection-Inc. plays a major part in organizing. We were excited to see the event begin with an opening presentation of the new Challenge format by Joan Gregor, CEO at Intersection-Inc., who said “the revitalized Design and Developer Challenge is a fresh look at the evolving industry and how the participating automotive marques will pair with new players in the entertainment and consumer sectors to create a vision of the future”. 

This was followed by an intriguing panel discussion on the future of automotive design  featuring  Kevin Ketchum - Global Creative Design Specialist from The Foundry, Jim Mainard - Head of Digital Strategy & New Business Development at DreamWorks Animation, Richard Kim - Head of Design at Faraday Future, Clay Dean - Design Director GM Global Advanced Design at General Motors and moderated by Stewart Reed, who is Chair of Transportation Design Department at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. This was a supremely intriguing panel from a group of visionaries leading automotive design into an exciting future. We at Intersection are excited to be a part of it.


Our Auto Show experiences for the current period are not over yet as we have Intersection team members, CCO - Chuck Pelly and Designer - Sam McCafferty honored to be attending the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, MI as Judge and Docent respectively for the EyesOn Design Awards, in January 2016.


Stay connected to see further media from the Auto Shows that we will be uploading over the coming months.



Sam McCafferty 2015

Photo Credit: Sam McCafferty 

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