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PPG Color Trends Report – 2015


NewSchool of Architecture & Design

San Diego, California

Sam McCafferty


Recently the team from Intersection attended PPG’s 2015 Color Trends presentation and report held at the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in downtown San Diego. We were invited to view four different collections, each holding their own unique set of colors, characters, themes and emotions. These collections were each represented by a member(s) of the Californian community and the colors that reflect their everyday life. This year’s presentation featured a make-up artist, yoga teacher/artist, a collection of creative children and two artesian bread bakers. Each had their own unique story to tell which inspired PPG’s color and image selection.


Displayed in both digital and physical format, we were first treated to an inspiring video of the colors and corresponding context images which best represented that certain collection.  We were then invited to view the colors on small swatches, as well as painted objects artistically displayed on the wall.  Each color had its own complex creation process to achieve a certain hue or texture, such as the “Concrete/Good Life” grey from China, which was developed utilizing tiny particles of car tire rubber. This formed a rougher texture and aesthetic, with an interesting matte finish. After the video presentation we were invited to ‘taste’ each collection through a particular food or drink selected to compliment the colors. 


We are enthusiastic about this year’s collection and look forward to implementing our favorite colors into Intersection design work in the near future.



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