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Everyone has a Right to Health Equity

Michelle Woodhouse and Joan Gregor recently facilitated a 'human-centered' workshop to kick off the co-design of the CalFresh Healthy Living Equity Strategic Framework spearheaded by Adrienne Markworth and her team at Leah's Pantry. Over 35 amazingly talented participants mapped the stakeholders, where better decisions were made and visioned a framework. Can't wait to see how how this develops!

Health Equity is a state in which everyone has a fair and just opportunity to attain their highest level of health. (CDC). Health inequities are…”health differences that are avoidable, unnecessary, and unjust.” (Margaret Whitehead)

We looked at the stakeholders' ecosystems, where good decisions were made around health equity and future opportunities. The teams then created visions for a Atrategic Health Equity Framework.

We give thanks this holiday season for the opportunity to be part of such a worthwhile and meaningful initiative.


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