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Intersection has been invited to lead an interactive workshop at The American Marketing Association's San Diego Conference,  Oct.  20-21, 2014.  Join us!










Workshop Title

Translating Brand Values into a 360° User Experience: The ROI of creating an emotional connection with a Visual Brand Language.



A brand is more than the DNA, Philosophy and Values that created it. It is also the engagement and emotional attachment that it generates. But with an increasingly plugged-in, experience-driven and distracted culture, it is more difficult for products to hold the attention of its users. In addition, as companies are bought, sold, and merged, inconsistencies can develop and the story of a brand can become diluted. A comprehensive, principle-based Visual Brand Language will help a brand maintain user attachments and provide continuity throughout the life cycle of the product.


A 360° User Experience is using a Visual Brand Design Language to create a multi-sensory experience across all touch points. It is about aesthetics, ergonomics, form, color, materials, usability and also about human needs. It is about empathy, and an emotional connection to a brand. Driven by a need for consistency, the branding process begins with a vision for an exceptional user experience.  


Using design thinking tools in this interactive workshop you will embark on a journey and explore how brand values translate into a visual brand design language leading to differentiation, loyalty and economic health.





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